News  ·  08 | 08 | 2018

A Glance at Day 8

  1. Actor, director, screenwriter and writer Ethan Hawke has been able to interpret his artist in many different ways throughout his career, which is still evolving. Locarno Festival is reflected in this diversity that has as its common background the continuous search for expressive truth. He brings Blaze to Piazza Grande. A journey into American folk music in the company of an interpreter who has not become a star but has given moments of pure poetry.
  2. The poetic and civil cinema of the Taviani brothers still clearly echoes today. The restored version of Good Morning Babilonia, a film bridge between the tradition of Italian workshops and American studios, is an opportunity to remember Vittorio and pay homage to this unique duo in the history of cinema.
  3. On one hand there is the personal and collective trauma that Sara Fattahi recounts in Chaos; on the other hand, there is the rereading of the Faust myth proposed by Andrea Bussmann. In both cases it is the meeting with eyewitnesses or accomplices that makes it possible to translate the idea into images and sounds for the big screen. 
  4. After winning the Pardo d’oro, Hong Sangsoo returns to Locarno with a winter tale. Gangbyun Hotel is a light film with a touch of nostalgia, in which an elderly writer has to choose between the children summoned for the occasion and two women met by chance on the bank of a river.
  5. The theme of identity crosses this edition of the talks that are opened by Narcissister, director of a first-person film where her life as a woman and performer unrolls like a fiction film.