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Welcome to the Locarno Pro Online’s world  

You may join us, wherever you are! This year for the first time Locarno Pro allows you to experience a brand new hybrid edition. All our accredited industry professionals, whether online or on-site, will have access to the following exclusive activities, contents, materials and information through a dedicated Reserved Area: 

Enjoy a year-round access to the online database for classic and library titles for free. 

Catch up on all the public Locarno Pro initiatives and events, interviews with industry professionals, round tables, and Live Streaming events. 

Have access to our online informal networking platform for industry professionals.

Access our Online Digital Library with an offer of titles from Locarno’s official selection 

Access to the online directory of accredited industry professionals. 

Download the Locarno Pro Guide, the list of films without a World Sales Agent and other useful material. 

Receive the daily Industry events schedule. 

Access your personal profile and access different industry activities.