Am Anfang der Schwerkraft oder die Schicksalshafte Reise einer noblen Familie und ihrer Dienerschaft über die Berge

Directed by Thomas Woschitz

Produced by Gabriele Kranzelbinder and Barbara Pichler (KGP Filmproduktion, Austria), Thomas Woschitz (takethemoneyandrunproduction, Austria)

Co-Produced by Katrin Renz (Tellfilm, Switzerland)

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Project information

Austria, Switzerland, Italy (TBC), Germany (TBC), France (TBC) 
Thomas Woschitz
Thomas Woschitz (Austria) 
Director's Filmography

Die Josef Trilogie (2004)

Universalove (2009)

Bad Luck (2015)

Gabriele Kranzelbinder, Barbara Pichler and Thomas Woschitz (takethemoneyanddrunproduction) 
Producers' Filmography: 

Epicentro (2020 , Austria, France)

Monteverità (2021, Austria, Switzerland, Germany)

Moneyboys (2020, Austria, France, Belgium, Taiwan) 


Katrin Renz   
Co-Producer's Filmography:  

Bachmann & Frisch (2023, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Luxemburg)

Calcinculo (2022, Italy, Switzerland)

Monteverità  (2021, Switzerland, Germany, Austria)