News  ·  07 | 08 | 2021

Sis dies corrents

Neus Ballús | Concorso internazionale

©Distinto Films & El Kinògraf

On the outskirts of Barcelona, Moha, a young Moroccan, has a week to convince plumber Valero that he is the right person to replace the elderly Pep, who is nearing retirement. But the mission is more complex than it appears, between the cumbersome presence of Pep, who's not yet convinced to leave, and Valero's prejudices against foreigners. 

Starting with everyday characters and places, director Neus Ballús uses the "innocent" eyes of the immigrant Moha to underline the oddities and obsessions of our society (from children who now command adults, to psychologists with life's solutions in their pocket), so common that they are no longer considered as such.

But behind every door of an apartment that needs renovation, not only is a new family unit is revealed, but also the reaction that "the others" provoke in us, acting on the weaknesses and frustrations of each one.

A flawless device which, thanks also to the very apt casting choices (the perfect pairing of the corpulent Valero and the sharp Pep) makes the film a bittersweet comedy with moments of hilarity

But not only that: Sis dies currents is also a journey of just over a week long to overturn our point of view by looking at us from the outside, as Moha usually does at night: through the illuminated windows he tries to perceive a new society that describes in letters home to his family.

It could be called an exercise in style, but perhaps it is the first step towards political awareness. 

Daniela Persico