News  ·  23 | 05 | 2022

BaseCamp III - Another Dimension

Applications are open for the third edition of the factory devoted to young people from all over the world, to experience Locarno75 as creative citizens of the Festival

The base is there, the program is almost there, and so is the title of the edition. As of now, the only thing left to jumpstart BaseCamp III – Another Dimension is its key players. Applications are now officially open for the third edition of the Locarno Film Festival’s factory and residency for young artists. As of today, anyone in the world, aged 18-30, can send their application for BaseCamp 2022. Photographers, designers, directors, performers, musicians, actors… Anyone who feels the need and desire to express themselves can apply to experience eleven days of sharing, proposals, and creation, in the former army barracks offered by the municipality of Losone. Deadline? There isn’t one. We will keep accepting submissions, CVs and cover letters until all slots have been filled by the most interesting, intriguing and convincing profiles.  

One place, one community 
From its very first, experimental edition, the BaseCamp has made a name for itself as one of the more central and lively places for the younger soul of the Locarno Film Festival community. A shared space where young people from all over the world are free to express themselves. They can express their urgencies, their creativity, their generation, their age, their culture, their origins, their desires and preferred destinations. This is the BaseCamp, a place that opens its doors to a generation, to creativity, to the Festival. On the one hand, it’s the entrance point for young creative minds; on the other, it’s the starting point to discover and experience Locarno75. It offers them moments of exchange, experimentation, cross-pollination, celebration, and lightness; and then there’sthere are the dedicated programs, exhibition spaces and – last but not least – a place to live on August 3-13, for the whole duration of the Festival.  

Open to all
You can be young students, young professionals, or just young people looking for something. That’s why BaseCamp doesn’t have restrictions for the eligible profiles. Some slots will go to students from the best art and film schools in Switzerland (Head, Ecal, ZHdK, HSLU, CISA), some to their colleagues from other international institutes, and others to those who already have a career going or are looking for their future path. And that future might play out thanks to Locarno’s factory, the BaseCamp, which is but one of many projects the Locarno Film Festival has devised for new generations. It’s a universe of initiatives that are at work today to build tomorrow. Including the Festival’s tomorrow.