News  ·  29 | 07 | 2022

The Festival and TILO

The Locarno Film Festival, SBB and TILO are offering the Locarno75 audience a new train and a new nighttime journey. The ideal solution to experience the Festival in a sustainable and responsible manner

Nicola Demaldi/FFS

From Piazza Grande to your home in Lugano, with TILO. The Locarno Film Festival, SBB and TILO have inaugurated a new train and devised a new nighttime journey. Because the Festival is better with the train. And so, in an attempt to meet the audience’s needs as much as possible, the Festival – in association with SBB and TILO – has unveiled a new train devoted to Locarno75, and asked for an additional trip, in the middle of the night, so the commuting audience can stay in Piazza Grande until the very end.

TILO Flirt ETR 524
Or, more simply, TILO “Locarno Film Festival”: six coaches, 250 seats, available for the Festival audience on August 3-14, in addition to the wide array of trains already connecting Ticino and Italy on a daily basis. The new vehicle, christened by Roberta Cattaneo (Head of SBB Regione Sud), Marco Solari (President of the Locarno Film Festival) and Denis Rossi (Head of TILO), is part of the TILO fleet of 54 trains covering the entire territory of the Canton and commuter trips to Italy. The train is 107 meters longs, fully air conditioned, with wide windows and ground-level entrances for wheelchairs and prams, in addition to 2 bathrooms with access for the disabled and 2 multifunction areas for bikes and luggage.  

The Night Train
Wishing to guarantee the audience the chance to enjoy Piazza Grande to the fullest, with the car at home, on August 3-14 (excluding the night between August 7 and 8) an additional nighttime connection will be available, starting from Locarno at 12.55 AM and arriving in Lugano at 1:22 AM (passengers traveling to Chiasso can then continue with the TILO S10 starting from Lugano at 1.26 AM). This is in addition to the existing 12.25 AM train, arriving in Lugano at 12.54 AM.  

SBB and TILO recommend that you always check the online schedule or the SBB Mobile app before traveling.