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BaseCamp Losone: an innovative project to welcome young people at the Festival

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BaseCamp is the new place for young people at the Locarno Film Festival, created in partnership with the neighboring municipality of Losone. In addition to providing low-cost accommodation in the area for 200 young festival-goers from 7 to 17 August, BaseCamp will be a unique opportunity for participants to follow the Festival while contributing with their own personal feedback.

The concept arose from the desire to bring together young people with diverse profiles by giving them an affordable base – a disused barracks in Losone – to experience the Locarno Film Festival. This debut year will cater for 200 guests, selected via a collaborative procedure across the sections of the Locarno Film Festival and leading Swiss and European Art schools. The selection process will be completed by a call for applications opening on 27 May ( The key criteria are diversity and readiness to integrate into a shared project which will not just last for the full 11 days of the Festival but continue to yield results well into the future. Participants will generate useful input for the event such as fanzines, pictures, social media content and more, so all kinds of applicants are welcome: graphic designers, photographers, musicians, computer programmers, architects and people with every possible creative profile, aged from 18 to 30. The encounter of a new generation of creative minds, from multi-disciplinary backgrounds but united by the cinema, is the premise for an exchange of ideas and experiences that will result in a fresh analysis of the Festival experience, filtered through their diverse cultural sensibilities. Numerous opportunities to meet and share with Festival attendees will make BaseCamp into both a home and a workshop for the young festival-goers.

Besides free accreditation, the Festival will provide accommodation at BaseCamp for a token fee to applicants via the web platform. There will be constant links between BaseCamp in Losone and the heart of the Festival, opening up the backstage of one of the world’s most important film events for the two hundred young participants. BaseCamp is being developed by the man who came up with the idea for the project, Stefano Knuchel.

We call this the Foundation Year of BaseCamp – it will certainly be an experimental debut for a project that has no precedent in the world of film festivals. However the Locarno Film Festival, aware of the importance of giving a pivotal role to new generations with new filmic gazes and languages, is committed to ensuring BaseCamp is a success. Feedback from participants will also create a valuable analytical report on a Festival that has always stayed ahead of trends.

The Locarno72 BaseCamp will open on 7 August. To learn more and apply online visit

The 72nd Locarno Film Festival will take place from 7 to 17 August 2019.



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