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Pre-Festival with Indiana Jones and François Truffaut

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Sunday 3 August and Tuesday 5 August will see the traditional Piazza Grande event with two free screenings to serve as a taster for the 67° Festival del film Locarno: Raiders of the Lost Ark and The 400 Blows.

As usual the Locarno Festival offers its residents and visitors two free evenings on the  Piazza Grande which offer a privileged foretaste of the 67th edition (6 – 16 August).

The first Pre-Festival evening, on Sunday 3 August, goes Hollywood with a screening of the first chapter of the Indiana Jones saga, Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981), directed by Steven Spielberg. The film trails one of the awards to be presented during the Festival. The Indiana Jones saga was also shot by the cameraman Garrett Brown, who won an Oscar in 1978 for the invention of the Steadicam, and who will attend the Festival to receive the Vision Award - Nescens.
The evening is supported by AET and the Ente Turistico Lago Maggiore.

On Tuesday 5 August a masterpiece of French cinema, François Truffaut’s The 400 Blows (1959), marks the thirtieth anniversary of the filmmaker’s death. To add to the prestige of the evening, the film’s remarkable lead actor, Jean-Pierre Léaud, will attend Locarno to introduce the screening. The following day the French actor will be paid tribute on the Piazza Grande with the presentation of a Pardo alla carriera.
This second Pre-Festival evening is made possible through the support of UBS.

American cinema and the Nouvelle Vague are two strands woven deep into the Festival’s DNA this year and also make their presence felt in the Pre-Festival. Two very different examples of films that were both critical and commercial successes, and both, in their own ways, are firmly embedded in the collective memory.


The 67° Festival del film Locarno will be inaugurated on Wednesday 6 August: the opening ceremony will be held at 21:00 on the Piazza Grande and will be followed by a screening of Luc Besson’s Lucy.


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