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Tribute to Sergio Castellitto

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Italian actor, director and screenwriter Sergio Castellitto will receive a Pardo alla carriera during the 66th edition of the Festival del film Locarno, which will take place 7 - 17 August 2013.

The tribute to Sergio Castellitto will include a conversation with him that is open to the Festival public, and screenings of five films spanning his career: Jacques Rivette’s Va Savoir (Who Knows?) (2001), Marco Bellocchio’s My Mother's Smile (2002), Alessandro Angelini’s Raise Your Head (2009), as well as Love & Slaps (2010) and Twice Born (2012, presented as a Swiss premiere) directed by Castellitto himself.

The Festival del film Locarno’s Artistic Director Carlo Chatrian comments: ”This recognition of actor and director Sergio Castellitto, is not only a way to honour his career that has bridged two distinct eras in Italian cinema, that of the ‘sacred monsters’ (Monicelli, Ferreri, Mastroianni…) and that of the new (Amelio, Bellocchio, Virzì), before finding his own creative trajectory. Whether in the service of Italian or foreign filmmakers, or involved in his own productions, Sergio Castellitto represents the kind of quality Italian cinema that has much to say beyond its own context, the kind of cinema – maybe less well-known but none the less original for all that – I would like to have a place at Locarno”.

The 66th edition of the Festival del film Locarno will take place 7 - 17 August 2013, press accreditations can be requested until 9 July 2013.


Sergio Castellitto Biography

Sergio Castellitto, born in Rome in 1953, began his career in the theatre after studying at the Accademia Nazionale d'Arte Drammatica, and made his film debut in the early 1980s. A highly versatile actor, Castellitto subsequently worked with some of the leading lights of Italian cinema: Mario Monicelli (Rossini! Rossini!, 1991), Marco Ferreri (The Flesh, 1991), Francesca Archibugi (The Great Pumpkin, 1993, for which he won the David di Donatello Award for Best Leading Actor, and With Closed Eyes, 1994), Giuseppe Tornatore (The Star Maker, 1995, Nastro d'argento as Best Leading Actor), Ettore Scola (Unfair Competition, 2001), Gabriele Muccino (The Last Kiss, 2001), Marco Bellocchio (My Mother's Smile, 2002, and The Wedding Director, 2006), Paolo Virzì (Caterina in the Big City, 2004) and Gianni Amelio (The Missing Star, 2006, Premio Pasinetti at the Venice Festival).

Sergio Castellitto has also been successful abroad, in the portmanteau film Paris je t'aime (2006, in the episode by Isabel Coixet), Andrew Adamson’s blockbuster The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (2008), and with such major French directors as Luc Besson (The Big Blue, 1988) and Jacques Rivette (Va Savoir (Who Knows?), 2001, and Around a Small Mountain, 2009). Under German filmmaker Sandra Nettelbeck’s direction he played the lead role as the cook in Mostly Martha (2001), screened on the Piazza Grande at the Locarno Festival.

He made his directorial debut in 1999 with Libero Burro, but it was with Don’t Move (2004) that Castellitto made his name behind the camera. The film, in which he co-starred with Penélope Cruz, adapted from the eponymous story by his wife Margaret Mazzantini, was a critical and commercial success. Castellitto followed this with two more films which he wrote, directed and starred in, Love & Slaps (2010) and Twice Born (2012).

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