Press Releases  ·  10 | 06 | 2015

Swatch: new partner for first feature films

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Swatch will support two prizes, decided by a jury of film critics, from the first feature films selected in the Festival program.

Nick Hayek, Swatch Group CEO: “Locarno is a very special place. You can feel here the passion for cinema and the movies. In the age of Internet, social media and smart devices, it is important to remind everybody that there is nothing stronger than sharing the emotions of a movie together with a thousand people, all watching one screen and not each one on his own on a personal device. The experience brings people together and creates real social cohesion.

The Festival del film Locarno and Swatch announce the start of a new collaboration. Swatch will support the prizes awarded by a jury of international film critics to the two best first feature films selected for the sections Concorso internazionale, the Concorso Cineasti del presente, Fuori concorso, Signs of Life and on the Piazza Grande:

– Swatch First Feature Award (Prize for Best First Feature)
– Swatch Art Peace Hotel Award: a special mention, with a 3 to 6 month residency in the Shanghai hotel of the same name

The Swatch Art Peace Hotel artist residency program has been developed to bring together artists from all over the world and thereby create a stimulating cultural ambiance dedicated to contemporary art.

A collaboration on the Locarno Summer Academy is also established. One of the artists of the Shanghai residency will be among the participants of the Filmmakers Academy initiative.

Marco Solari, President of the Festival del film Locarno: “Swatch’s returning partnership is highly significant, and another prestigious recognition of the Locarno Festival. Their support of first films enables the Festival to further promote the work of young talent and at the same time testifies to Locarno’s importance as a site of discovery.”