News  ·  29 | 09 | 2022

From a Record-Setting 75th to the Early Stages of Locarno76

After an unforgettable, literally record-breaking edition, Locarno Pro is already imagining what it will be like in summer 2023

The record-setting edition will lead to an even more consolidated one. With more that 1,300 accredited professionals (450 of which from Switzerland alone), 900 encounters, 94 countries in attendance and 50+ dedicated screenings, Locarno75 was a genuine hit for Locarno Pro. Never before, even in the pre-pandemic era, had the Locarno Pro Days had similar attendance figures. And the numerical success was matched by content success.

Confirming that cinema is in-person not only on the big screen, but also behind the scenes, the professional-centric days highlighted Locarno Pro’s central position on the international film industry map. It’s a human-sized place for major companies, but also smaller entities, ranging from mainstream to auteur cinema – all in the name of creating a network that is vital for new ideas, project growth and the manufacturing of a shared goal: the future of film.

Markus Duffner, Head of Locarno Pro: “With the milestone of the 75th anniversary, this edition showed that Locarno and Locarno Pro are an unmissable event within the annual festival calendar, to discover young emerging talents and film professionals!” And now, after celebrating the 75th edition of the Locarno Film Festivals, the 20th of Open Doors, and the winners of First Look and Open Doors 2022, Locarno Pro is now looking towards Locarno76, aiming to continue strengthening the future. “This year, we made Locarno Pro even more solid and inclusive, encouraging a dialogue between the various festival communities. Our goal is to keep going in that direction and offer a platform that can help talents discover the industry, as well as a place where professionals can carry out their business”. Set the date: August 4-9, 2023.