Locarno Shorts Weeks 2021

Mẹ, con gái và những giấc mơ

Mother, Daughter, Dreams

by Linh Duong
Vietnam  ·  2018  ·  Color  ·  19'  ·  o.v. Vietnamese

On Demand

10 - 17 | 02 | 2021

Phuong rushes home to find her father vanished after another quarrel with her mother. In a desperate attempt to search for him, she seeks help from his mistress. The two women head to the mountain, hoping they could find the man there. But this time, Phuong’s mother also vanishes...

In the final piece of her trilogy about women’s sufferings, Linh Duong sublimates the conflictual relationship between a mother and her daughter into a fantasy tale. Disillusion and anger accompany this bittersweet road trip. Inspired by her own personal stories and emotions, Linh Duong captures shared memories and family secrets with subtlety and a touch of madness.  

Locarno is ...

… the perfect place to ROARRRRRRRRRRR!!!

Linh Duong


Linh Duong

Quynh Phuong Nguyen , Thi Chung Vu , Luong Hang Nguyen , Alexandre Arnaud

Thi Thi Nga Luong

Minh Nghia Ngo

Linh Duong

Sound Designer
Wei Yong Teo

Linh Duong


Widewall Studio

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