Locarno Shorts Weeks 2022

I ran from it and was still in it

by Darol Olu Kae
USA  ·  2020  ·  DCP 2K  ·  Color and Black and White  ·  11'  ·  o.v. English

On Demand

06 - 13 | 02 | 2022

English subtitles

I ran from it and was still in it poetically interweaves personal family memories with original and found footage to offer a more complex portrait of familial loss and separation. Kae wades through deep emotions surrounding the death of his father and the sudden relocation of his children, repurposing intimate family scenes from his personal archive by pairing them with online media from a variety of sources to explore how the autobiographical model can potentially extend beyond the personal.


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Darol Olu Kae

Darol Olu Kae, Claudius Ansah




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