News  ·  07 | 08 | 2021

Nelle tue mani

Peter Del Monte | Histoire(s) du cinéma

Like many of the best works directed by Peter Del Monte – one of the most personal authors of Italian cinema deceased last May at 78 – Nelle tue mani wants to portray how social, psychological structures and history can determine human existence.

The protagonist Kasia Smutniak fully accepts this professional challenge through the stunning performance of her character named Mavi: a woman born in Spalato who moved to Italy with her father when she was very young, and tries to live with all the intensity and passion she’s capable of in her love story with Teo.

But sometimes the past can be a burden too heavy to bear, destroying human stability and the pursuit of happiness. Honored at Locarno 74 with the Leopard Club Award – Kasia Smutniak together with Marco Foschi and Alba Rohrwacher is the moving protagonist of a drama which is both intimate and passionate: a specific study of emotions, atmospheres and above all human connections.

Nelle tue mani confirms scene after scene how Peter Del Monte was a director able to reach the core of his characters, showing their inner life with a delicate touch even when exploring the strings of melodrama.

A movie with a dark, painful soul and at the same time the ability to show the tenderness of true love. Together with Irene, Piccoli fuochi and Compagna di viaggio, it’s definitely one of the most intense titles of a unique filmmaker.

Adriano Ercolani