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The Stars of Locarno74

Like every year, the stars shine in Locarno, be they above Piazza Grande or on the red carpet. They’re women and men who have  left a mark on film history, or are in the process of doing so now. And so it shall be on August 4-14, with the return of the Piazza, the red carpet and the stars.



August 4–14 2021

While we wait to reconvene in Piazza Grande, on August 4-14, discover the new edition of the Locarno Film Festival: the 209 films in the lineup, the guests, the app to download and the Ticket Shop.


Rediscover 74 years of Festival
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Locarno Pro

Gathering under its wings the different initiatives and services that professionals have been accessing over the years, Locarno Pro aims to enhance and deepen connections between the diverse players circulating around films in the Festival.