Vision Award Ticinomoda

The Vision Award Ticinomoda both highlights and pays tribute to someone whose creative work has contributed to renew the cinematographic imaginary.


Throughout its editions, the award has been given to masters of special effects, editors, sound designers, composers and musicians, cinematographers, and multidisciplinary artists. It is a way to pay tribute to and showcase the art of filmmaking in all its dimensions.


Vision Award Ticinomoda 2023 to Pietro Scalia

In the beginning there was the editing, as Eisenstein taught us. And as Hollywood formally defined it. In the tradition of the great film editors of Hollywood who shaped the image of classic cinema and its subsequent transformations, Pietro Scalia has revolutionized our way of thinking about how each image is joined to the next. In his collaborations with Bernardo Bertolucci, Ridley Scott, Sam Raimi, Michael Bay and Gus Van Sant (among many, many others), Scalia has proved able to both adhere to and reinvent the poetics and formal research of these auteurs. Scalia’s editing work has influenced whole generations of young filmmakers, he brought in a decisive new gaze in determining the rhythmic intervals and timing required for linking images to each other. Pietro Scalia: an experimental genius of the gaze and the musicality of editing.

Giona A. Nazzaro

Past winners
  • 2013 Douglas Trumbull
  • 2014 Garrett Brown
  • 2015 Walter Murch
  • 2016 Howard Shore
  • 2017 José Luis Alcaine
  • 2018 Kyle Cooper
  • 2019 Claire Atherton
  • 2021 Phil Tippett
  • 2022 Laurie Anderson
  • 2023 Pietro Scalia