Press Releases  ·  02 | 06 | 2022

Open Doors starts its journey in Latin America and the Caribbean

Open Doors announces today the first selection of projects and creative producers from its new focus on Latin America and the Caribbean region. This group of film directors and producers, who are catalysts of the region’s cinematic output, will be hosted and presented at the 75th Locarno Film Festival this August. 

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Open Doors returns to the region that was last featured in 2008 with titles like La Vida de los Pesces by Matias Bize, Tanta Agua by Ana Guevara and Letitia Jorge, El Verano de los Pesces Voladores by Marcela Said and La Tercera Orilla by Celina Murga. However, it will also feature many countries that were not part of the selection yet -. The program will therefore be an occasion to meet exciting new voices from countries where cinema is mostly undiscovered. The diverse choice of projects showcases  various genres and filmmakers of different genders and backgrounds, giving voice to contemporary issues of importance for today’s society across the entire globe.  

Among the participants selected for the co-production platform are Ana Cristina Barragán’s new title, whose first works were shown in Locarno and Rotterdam; Yanillys Pérez whose previous documentary, Jeffrey, won the Discovery Award at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF); Michael Labarca who won a prize with his short at Cannes Cinéfondation in 2016 and is now presenting his first feature at Open Doors, produced by Patricia Ramírez Arévalo from Venezuela. Among the 24 directors and producers participating, 15 identify as female or gender non-conforming.  

The delegation will participate in the first part of the program online from 22 to 29 July and will meet the industry professionals during the Locarno Pro Days (4-10 August 2022) in Locarno as part of the following initiatives:

Co-production Hub

A platform for feature-length projects looking for international collaborations 


Cuando Cae la lluvia (When Rain Falls)

Director: Yanillys Pérez 
Producer: Yanillys Pérez, YPR Films
Dominican Republic


Diamante (Diamond)

Director: Yashira Jordán 
Producer: Alvaro Olmos Torrico, Empatia Cinema 



Director: Miguel Agüero 
Producer: Cynthia García Calvo, Asociación Cultural Arraigo, CYAN prods
Paraguay, Chile


Los Hombres morimos antes (Men Die Sooner)

Director: Federico Montero 
Producer: Alexandra Latishev, La Linterna Films
Costa Rica, Uruguay



Director: Marcel Beltrán 
Producer: Paula Gastaud, Mediocielo Films
Cuba, Brazil


Muchachos Bañándose en el lago (Kids Swimming in the Lake)

Director: Michael Labarca 
Producer: Patricia Ramírez Arévalo, Todos Los Ríos
Venezuela, Chile, France


Los invisibles 

Director:  Andres Rodríguez 
Producer: Mauricio Escobar, La Danta Films


Sopor y ave (Sopor and Bird)

Director: Ana Cristina Barragán 
Producer: Joe Houlberg, Boton Films
Ecuador, Argentina, Spain

Producers’ Lab

A training workshop for creative producers with feature projects


Ricardo B'atz' 
Cayaguanca Films, El Salvador 


María Félix Morales Lotz 
Asertiva, Nicaragua 


Daniela Fuentes Moncada 
Epopeya S.A., Ecuador 


Karolina Hernandez Chaves 
Dos Sentidos, Costa Rica 


Gilbert Mirambeau 
Muska Group, Haiti 


Illari Orccottoma 
Independent Producer, Peru 


Nadean Rawlins 
RAW Management, Jamaica 


Michelle Serieux 
Imagine Caribbean, Saint Lucia  


Camila Urrutia 
Camaleon Films, Guatemala 

Open Doors is a Locarno Pro initiative designed to nurture talent and promote independent cinema from countries in the Global South and East, in collaboration with the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA). 


The program is possible thanks to the support of various partners such as Visions sud est and the City of Bellinzona, sponsoring the Open Doors Grant worth 50,000 CHF; the CNC (Centre national du cinéma et de l'image animée) presenting a development grant (8,000 euros); and ARTE France awarding the Arte Kino International Prize (6,000 euros). More grants and in-kind prizes are given by the Sørfond Film FundRotterdam LabMoulin d'Andé – CECI and the Internationale Kurzfilmtage Winterthur. This year, BrLab, World Cinema Fund, Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie (OIF) and Lexia Insights are joining to offer in-kind prizes to the selected participants and projects.


Open Doors will continue with the announcement of its public curated program, Open Doors Screenings, where the Festival audience will have the chance to immerse themselves in contemporary productions from Central America and the Caribbean. This selection of short and feature films promises just as much diversity and excitement and will be published at the Festival’s press conference on July 6th.  

Open Doors

For 20 years, Open Doors has been championing filmmaking from regions where independent cinema is especially challenging, building bridges for collaboration across regions, countries, and continents. Through its public and professional programs, Open Doors aims to provide a space where talents find support in every step of their creative and professional journey and where discussion and reinvention of today’s cinema can happen among free voices. 

During Locarno Film Festival, Open Doors’ main professional activities will bring upcoming talents from the region to Locarno to work on their next projects, facilitating access to financial and creative resources and taking from the large industry and creative community at the Festival.  

Since late 2019, the program launched their year-round activities, including a free online learning platform, the Open Doors ToolBox and an online consultancy program, which creates further synergies with the focused region and will continue to discover and follow talents in this new region.